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Eclipse for Fortify plugin

HP Fortify SCA UI Integration

Using the Jade Fail Safe Version

Installation of TEAM Mentor 4.0

Start by configuring TEAM Mentor 4.0.

The simple configuration file is located in TM40\TM\config\SiteData\TM

      "jade_Compilation_Enabled": false,
      "folder_Docs_Json"        : "../../data/Lib_Docs-json"                                         ,
      "folder_Jade_Files"       : "../../code/TM_Jade"                                               ,
      "tm_35_Server"            : "https://tmdevr01-beta36.teammentor.net"                            ,
      "webServices"             : "/Aspx_Pages/TM_WebServices.asmx"                                  ,
      "port"                    : 10001
      "folder_Lib_UNO_Json"     : "../../data/Lib_UNO-json",
      "port"                    : 10002		
      "HubspotEndpoint"        :"https://forms.hubspot.com/uploads/form/v2/",
      "HubspotEnabled"         :false,
      "HubspotLeadSource"      :"Demo Request",
      "HubspotLeadSourceDetail":"TM Evaluation" ,
        "HubspotSiteId"  :"" ,
    } ,
      "analitycsEnabled"  :false,
      "analitycsSiteId"   :"",
      "analitycsTrackUrl" :"",
          "analyticsApiKey" :""
  • Open tm.config Here you only need to edit the line that says tm_35_Server
  • Change the URL to the TM36 URL you configured in the setup of TM36 Backend section.
  • Change the port for both tm_design and tm_graph to something meaningful. You will need this later.
  • If you are using Piwik or Hubspot, configure accordingly. This step is optional.

Set up components as services

  • Open the Git Bash as Administrator
  • Navigate to TM40\TM\
  • Issue $ ./bin/winInstallSrvc.sh and follow the prompts
  • Issue $./bin/winSrvcGrant.sh <BACKEND SITE NAME> where the backend site name is the name of the TM36 site in IIS
  • Start the services for the first time using ./bin/winTM.sh start

The services will autostart at reboot.

Continue by going through Installing Reverse Proxy