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Editing Overview

Editing in TEAM Mentor

TEAM Mentor supports flexible update of content and customization based on user needs. While consumption of content is done using TEAM Mentor 4.x Front-end, editing is done using TEAM Mentor 3.6 Back-end. Most editing operations in TEAM Mentor are done using the "Edit Mode". This mode is available to users with "Editor" or "Administrator" roles and allows editing of folders and views. Articles can be edited through "Edit Mode" as well.

Currently Folders and Views in TEAM Mentor 3.6 correspond to left-hand side "Index" navigation.

Note that you MUST publish the data as described in Publishing Data for your edits to become available in TM 4.x front end

Editing in View Mode

TEAM Mentor offers the flexibility of editing articles without going in and out of "Edit Mode". If the logged in user is in "Administrator" or "Editor" role, articles can be edited by clicking on one of the edit buttons in the article view.

HTML, Markdown, and WikiText Article Formats

Currently TEAM Mentor supports HTML, Makrdown and WikiText. Steps for editing an article vary depending on article format. HTML Articles are edited using a WYSIWYG editor (optionally manipulating HTML content). WikiText articles are edited using the WikiCreole language with a WikiCreole. Markdown articles are edited using a Markdown editor capable of showing a live preview. All new articles should be created using Markdown. WikiText and HTML editing is being phased out.

Access and Logging in

Point your browser to the TEAM Mentor 3.6 Back-End URL obtained from your system administrator. Note this is NOT the URL that you use normally to access TEAM Mentor.

Click on the “Login” link in the upper right corner. The login dialog box will pop up. Enter your user credentials:

Accessing “Edit Mode”

There are two ways to access the TEAM Mentor "Edit Mode":

1) Click the "Edit Mode" link in the top right of the main user interface:

2) left-click on the library tree to open up the context menu, and choose the option 'Open Edit Mode':

Once the "Edit Mode" is loaded, a number of buttons should be visible on the Guidance Item's Table (for example: 'Select All', 'Deselect All', 'Delete Guidance Items from Library').

The article list pane works the same way in "Edit Mode" as in regular mode - folders and views can be navigated via the navigation pane on the left; filters and search strings can be used to narrow down the list in the content list pane. The major difference is that double-clicking an article opens it for editing, rather than for viewing.

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