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What is new in this release?

4.5 is building on top of 4.2 success and includes:
- Multiple search improvements with more relevant results
- Updates to latest stable versions of underlying Node.js components
- Multiple bug fixes

- Over 100 Additional Code Examples
- Code Examples linked to Guidelines
- Over 100 Additional How Tos
- Merged Articles
- General sweep for outdated content

4.2 is a major rewrite of TEAM Mentor under new architecture. This includes:
- Simplified, modern, easy to use interface and intuitive design
- Focus on making it easy to find answers to security questions
- Improved search and filter capability. It algorithmically presents the most relevant articles and allows to further narrow down results with robust filtering
- Improved ability to browse content. Users can now browse by subject matter, technology, article type and other keywords. Progressively narrowing down results with selected filters
- Main User UI fully written in Node JS.
- Main User UI support for all browsers. Including legacy and mobile browsers.
- Underlying use of a NoSQL database
- Robust integration current editor and admin interfaces
- Integration with Piwik for statistical information

- Content had been re-classified into subject matter areas for easy browsing through the taxonomy
- Article filters appropriately changed to making more intuitive to find relevant information
- Major clean-up of articles. Removal of articles with too little information
- Moved away from multiple library structure. All of the content is now in one well-organized library.
- New AWS content


Note the change in minimum requirements specified here:

Server Side Requirements

Please note that it may be possible to run TEAM Mentor with less RAM and Storage. However performance does degrade under load and minimal configuration listed above is recommended for production environments. Also note, when connecting to TEAM Mentor on local machine (connecting to "localhost") SSL certificate is not required. Self-signed certificate may be used for test environments.

Client Side Requirements

The main client side version code named Flare requires:

  • IE11 or higher
  • Firefox 42 or higher
  • Chrome 46 or higher
  • Safari v6.1 and 7.0 on OSX only
  • Mobile browsers for Android and iOS have experimental support.

There is a fallback version code named Jade. Jade supports all available browsers, including IE8 and Lynx.

TM 3.6 Back-end (used for Administration and Editing) supports the following browsers

  • IE11 or higher
  • Firefox 42 or higher
  • Chrome 46 or higher
  • Safari v6.1 and 7.0 on OSX only